Trevor Lock's last full length scripted stand up show, 2014's Special Mouth Noises, notched up ten performances before the ad-libbed intro got so long there was no time for the show itself.  After four attempts on The Edinburgh Fringe he finally saw the light and did himself and audiences everywhere a favour and stopped doing jokes and written bits altogether.  

Now he mainly performs spontaneous "emergent" comedy without preparing material in advance, described by one reviewer as "cerebral folk comedy".  Trevor’s earlier brand of stand-up gained him a global cult following, albeit a small one.  A mixture of stream of consciousness wordplay, unusually constructed jokes, absurd one liners, chaotic silliness and sophisticated nob gags, garnered a degree of acclaim and saw him performing on BBC tv, Comedy Central UK, and remarkably support both Stewart Lee and Russell Brand on UK tours. 

2013's penultimate scripted stand up show, Nude Echo: The Whatever Dreams of Amazing Street, included material that would later appear in print in the seemingly always unavailable collection, Does Anyone Know What ‘I Love You’ Means? illustrated by Marla Born.

In addition to stand up, Trevor sometimes speaks in schools and businesses on the mysteries of creativity and humour. Perhaps most notably, he followed in the footsteps of The Dalai Lama, Bill Clinton and Kermit the Frog in addressing the world famous Oxford Union on "the meaning of life", refuting Descarte's maxim 'Cogito ergo sum' by tipping a glass of water over his head. 

Trevor has presented and appeared in some of the UK's most popular TV and radio shows of recent times including all three series of Channel 4's Bafta-nominated, British Comedy Award-winning Star Stories and BBC2's legendary TMWRNJ.  He was also Cocky Locky on Russell Brand's chart topping BBC Radio 6 & 2 podcast and his stage plays, often co-written with Sem Devillart, have been optioned for film and TV and broadcast on Radio 4.  However none of this brought lasting peace or happiness.  And then one morning...


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'Superbly comic writing.’ 
The Sunday Times
'Strangely charming and absolutely entertaining.' 
The Independent
'He has a totally unique wellspring of gags. In a different league really.’ 
London Is Funny
'Truly sublime stand up.’ 
London Lite 
'Funny, moving and clever.'
The Scotsman

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